Increase Your Performance With This 7 Day Challenge

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complainingHow often do you complain about others to others? How often do you complain to yourself about your day, your life or your circumstances? Probably way more often than you realize.

I want to offer you a 7 day challenge that can boost your performance, build a healthier team (and family) and create a healthy perspective on everything in your life.

It’s called the No Complaining 7 Day Challenge.

I want you to consciously avoid complaining for a whole week. It will be both the hardest thing you’ve ever done and the most rewarding.

I recently challenged myself to a “no complaining week” and the results were phenomenal. Here are a few lessons I learned:

 I had better conversations with others

One of the main reasons I started this challenge was because of an inner dialogue I was having. I was driving home and thinking “I can’t want till I get home so I can relay something negative…”

Have you ever done that? Have you ever thought I can’t wait till I can tell someone about someone? I stopped myself and decide I simply wasn’t going to do it. I was going to keep my thoughts to myself.

I stopped coming up with excuses

We also complain to ourselves a bunch too. We rationalize in our own minds why today is a bad day to mow the lawn, go for a jog, or work on that project. I used to have a Post-it note by my computer that read: “Excuses are just lies you tell yourself.” What would happen if your stopped listening to your own excuses for an entire week?

I intentional chose to see the best in others

Another benefit of taking on the No Complaining Challenge is you will begin to see the best in others. You won’t allow yourself to go down the slippery slope of bashing others through complaining. It’s so easy for us to see faults in others while rationalizing our own weaknesses.

I was surprisingly more productive

Complaining zaps more energy and willpower than we realize. When you operate from a place of positivity you will naturally be more productive. Excuses hold us back. Complaining about others takes energy and effort.

My attitude and energy was much higher

Your overall outlook in life will change. When excuses and complaining our removed from your agenda, it will be replaced with more energy and effort.

Your positive mindset and attitude just might surprise you.

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