Rapper 50 Cent- A Leadership Lession

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Stay in the “strength zone”  – those things that you are good at and have a passion for.  When you do, you’ll receive greater satisfaction and you’ll be much more engaged.  Plus, you’ll see much better results.

However, the next time you think that you need to be amazing at everything in life, please watch this video of rapper 50 Cent throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game.

Can he sell albums? Sure.

Can he perform concerts? Sure.

Has he made millions from endorsements? Sure.

Is he good at throwing a baseball? Nope.

You don’t have to be amazing at everything.   Your personal worth is not based on your performance or the opinion of others (even though we think it is).

Want to avoid a situation like this?

1. Say “no” to things that seem like opportunities but really aren’t.

2. Practice. A lot. Your competence will lead to your confidence.  (So don’t let the first pitch you try be the one that is televised.)


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