Try This When Team-Building Doesn’t Work

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imagesI don’t have a magic wand. Nor can I do a”Jedi” Mind Trick.

That’s what I wanted to say last week when another leader asked me to provide some “team-building”. Why?

Because fostering collaboration and developing community cannot fix a problem if the leader is unwilling to address it first.

Instead, it’s easier to hire an outside professional to hopefully wave a “magic” wand through a training/workshop.  Or individual executive coaching.  Or creating a personal development plan (you get the idea).

But, training cannot compensate for a poor hire.

A leadership development workshop cannot replace a leaders’ unwillingness to develop their team.   

So either me or one of my staff is requested to fix a problem. But I am not the Jedi Master. You Are.

You know your team best.  You know who needs to be developed, who needs to be promoted.  And who needs accountability. An outside consultant’s role is to equip you to equip your team.  That’s true TEAM BUILDING.

Yes, we can provide a structure and partner with a leader to build a team, through focusing on Community, Best Selection Practices and Skill Development. But what your team really needs is You to fix the problem person.

Train them or hold them accountable.  If that doesn’t work, share them with the competition.

Don’t shrink back from being a leader.

Make the tough call.

Provide the tough love.

Develop tough servant-leaders.

Then, you’ll see your team turn from Pathetic to Performing.

They need YOU more than they need me.

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