Give Yourself a “Do Over” and Move On

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January1CalendarThere is no magic in January 1st. The day itself is just a placeholder on a calendar.

But for some reason we think it’s the only time change can start.

We launch diets and businesses and new books and new dreams thinking that’s the perfect day to launch a do over.

And then we get to February. The momentum of the new year has long worn off and we think we have missed our moment to really shine.

But what if today could be January 1st?

What if everyday could be January 1st?

What if you and I were bigger than a day written on a calendar?

I have already failed at perfection for this year. The streaks I started in January have sputtered a bit. I hadn’t run in weeks due to a cold, books I promised to read sit quietly on shelves shaming me, pants stretching queso begs me to ignore healthier snack choices.

But, I started a new eating plan 3 weeks ago that’s working. I’m reading more in the last month as well. Why? Because I wasn’t motivated by a date – but by getting results.

In years gone by, this is when I would have quit. Once the bubble of perfection is burst I tend to think, “Why bother anymore? If it can’t be perfect I might has well not do it at all.”

But perfection is a poison not a potion. It always promises things it cannot deliver.

What if you aimed for finished not perfect?   That’s what I’m doing for the rest of this year.



2 thoughts on “Give Yourself a “Do Over” and Move On

    drrobbell2013 said:
    April 23, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    Great one!!

    love that line, did you come up with it or borrow it?

    *Perfectionism is a poison not a potion.*

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      Chad Pfeifer responded:
      April 23, 2015 at 12:12 pm

      Thanks Rob. I got the line from the book “the Do Over”. Certainly true statement!

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