(New Post) You Don’t Have Time for Negative People

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Negative-PeopleRecently, I caught myself wasting time dealing with a negative person.

I’m not talking about someone on my team or organization. It was actually a business partner in another organization who was caught making negative comments behind others’ backs.

After being bothered about it for quite some time, I decided not to let the issue waste any more of the team’s time. As well, this individual would not be given the chance to disparage others again.

Do you have to deal with a negative person that takes up too much of your day?  You don’t have time for negative people in your life.

Negative People are a Negative Impact

I often come up with my best ideas on my run, when my mind gets “in the zone.”  This is my time to “get away” and just think.   However, on this particular day, all I could think about was the nasty conversation that occurred with the business partner who had been caught saying negative comments about others. It caused much team friction, and too much time was spent addressing the behavior.

To call it what is was: It was a complete waste of time, energy, and feelings by all involved.  And the worst part of the episode was the individual in question got what they wanted… a reaction.

Don’t Let the Critics Steal Your Time

Critical. Negative. Toxic.  Call them what you will, but negative people have a way of stealing the time of others.

They don’t have anything positive to contribute. They just want to complain. In fact, their greatest pleasure is not in their accomplishments, but in minimizing those of others.  Negative people don’t have anything positive to contribute. Don’t let them waste your time.

The best way to deal with negative people is not to deal with them.

It’s best to let them go on their way. (Both literally and figuratively.)  Don’t let them have your time, attention, or energy.

Here are just a few of the Negative People You Don’t Have Time For:

  • Naysayers – The naysayers are a dangerous lot because they want to destroy your dreams before they even begin. They will tell you what you can’t do and what can’t be done. The truth is that they can’t or won’t do, so they don’t want you to succeed either.
  • Complainers – The complainers spend complaining than actually doing.  They aren’t where they should be because of someone else. The rules aren’t fair. There is always an excuse.
  • Bullies – If you think bullying ends in school, you are mistaken. Some people in the workplace enjoy nothing more than abusing others. Of course, just as on the playground, bullies fold when someone finally stands up to them.
  • Critics – Critics just love to tear down others and their efforts. They sit on the sidelines pointing out all the flaws they can see… real or not. This is another group of non-doers who are jealous of those who are doing.
  • Caustic People – Some people are nasty just for the sake of being nasty. These are some of the most toxic people you will encounter. They never have anything nice to say, but always manage to say something negative.

No Time for Negative People

Don’t let negative people tell you what you can’t do. (Ignore them.)

Don’t let negative people bring down your mood. (Don’t listen to them.)

And definitely, don’t let them waste your time. (You don’t get more).


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