How to Stand Out (and not be worn out)

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Want to wear yourself out?

Here’s how: Be someone other than yourself.

Be an imitator – not a leader.

That is easily the most exhausting person you can be.  Whether you’re faking it to hide some mistake from the past or faking it to gain some sort of affirmation from the people around you, it’s a horrible way to go through life.

As someone smarter than me whose name I have forgotten once said, only dead fish go with the flow.

The alive ones? The ones who refuse to conform? The ones who dare to be themselves? They swim against the stream. They rage. And sometimes, they do something as simple as smile.

That’s what this brave kid did.


What I love about this photo is the irony. Here’s a whole group of people trying to stand out. To be individualists. We’re edgy!

We’re different! And yet, they are all wearing the same exact Hot Topic frown.

Except for one daring soul! He must smile! He was born to smile! Does that make him unusual?

Sure, but being yourself should be unusual because no one’s ever been it.

Be you.

Stand out.

And if the moment strikes, smile!

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