The Fear Mistake Most Leaders Make

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imagesSometimes people ask, “When did you stop being afraid of speaking in front of others?”

Or, “When did you overcome your fears?”

The answer is, “I haven’t.”

I’m still scared. Lots. I’ll get nervous speaking before a new group.  

Anxiety creeps in when I need to make a tough call.  

And when I’m asked “what do you think?” by certain influencers, I have to make a choice: use candor and honestly share my perspective or say what I think they want to hear.

It’s a mistake to think you will beat fear. And by beat I mean, “have zero fear the rest of your life.” When we believe that is possible we shame ourselves every time fear comes in. The truth is, you will be afraid. Just like me. Just like everyone else.

Having fear isn’t failure.

Holding onto fear is.

There is a huge difference between those two. One is natural and often out of your control. The other is largely in your control.

It’s like getting the mail. Fear shows up in the mailbox. You’ve got a choice to throw it away as soon as you walk in or to open it, obsess over it, memorize it and eventually frame it for proper display over the fireplace.

Forget that.

You will be afraid in the months ahead, but you don’t have to stay afraid.



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