Why I’m Happy with Average (and why you are too.)

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Raise-the-Bar-to-SucceedI admit.  Sometimes I like “average”.  It requires nothing of me… only for me to continue to do what I am doing.  When I’m tired, I mistakenly think I’m “happy” with average.

But in these times what I really need is rest – not comfort.    Not average.  After I re-energize, it’s time to raise the bar again.

 Most of us are happy with average.

We embrace the status quo. (Even fight to maintain it!)

We set expectations low, to prevent disappointment.

We don’t know what good is, because they are satisfied with mediocre.

However, if you want to rise above… if you want to reach levels of success you haven’t attained… then you must raise the bar.

Average Expectations, Average Results

Average begets average.

This is true in the workplace:

Average managers hire average employees.Average goals deliver average results.Average compensation attracts average talent.

And in life:

Average habits bring average results.Average behavior results in average relationships.Average goals sustain average lifestyles.

If you want difference results, you have to change the expectations.

You have to set the bar higher.

Aim Higher

Are you afraid to raise the bar? (What if you fail?)

The truth is that you probably won’t make it on your first attempt. Heck, you might not make it on your 30th attempt.

But, you have to try.
You have to persevere.
You have to be willing to fall down.
And get up more than that.

If not, you’re going to be like everyone else.

How High Can You Go?

If you are happy where you are, then leave the bar alone.

If you are satisfied with average, then by all means, do what everyone else is doing.

But, if you want to rise above the rest. If you want to reach the success you have in your mind, then you have to do more.

You have to raise your expectations just a little bit every day.

Raise the bar and raise your success today.

Question: Are you settling for average goals? Where do you need to raise the bar in your life or work?

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