Want to Inspire Someone? Start Here.

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We all have an innate desire to change the world around us. To make our mark in this space called time. To leave a legacy others will be inspired by.   But as we get sucked into the abyss called life, we become dull. 

We are comfortable with normal and satisfied with ordinary.   We are sleepwalking through a life that was meant to be lived wide awake.   We assume someone else somewhere else will take care of the dreaming. Someone else will start the business. Someone else will write the book. Someone else will run the marathon.

Until, suddenly, we are inspired. By a message, a friend, a book, or a community. We realize that thing we’ve been leaving for someone else just might be attainable. Maybe we are the ones to start the business. Maybe we are the ones to write the book. Maybe we are the ones who will run.

Those embers, that were once a flame, begin to burn again. We set goals and dream bigger dreams. Our minds begin to race with all of the things that we can accomplish. We feel like nothing can stop us.

Until, something does.

Here’s the problem with inspiration. Inspiration is only inspiration if it causes you to take a step in another direction. To make a change. To do something.

You can be inspired until you’re blue in the face but at the end of the day, if it doesn’t create a change in you, it wasn’t inspiration.

We ultimately have a responsibility when we are inspired. We must move. We must go. We must fan the flame of inspiration and create the change we desire to see. We owe it to the inspirer. Is it their fault that we choose not to move? No.

So go. Be inspired. Read inspiring books and surround yourself with inspiring people. And then do something. Live your life, wide awake. Because when you do, you will become the inspiration that someone else needs.

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