Disturb the Comfortable

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Want to know one of my fears?

It’s that I would become comfortable being comfortable.

It’s a natural thing, I guess, for most of us to seek comfort. But, if we aren’t careful that desire for comfort can become the very same thing that robs us from living the life we were meant to live.
To create a life means to live it on purpose and living on purpose can be pretty uncomfortable.
Consider this…

When I am uncomfortable:

    I’m intentional; not casual.
    I’m hungry to learn; not content where I am.
    I’m making decisions on purpose; not by accident.
    Life’s a little bit harder; not a little bit easier.
    My faith is a little bit bigger; not a little bit smaller.
    I think a little more about others; not a little more about me.
    I’m confident in God; not me.

When we talk about being uncomfortable we usually talk about taking more risk too. What I’m talking about here is not just about taking risks, although that is a part of it. It’s really about living for something more… it’s about fulfilling your purpose by living on purpose. It’s about not being okay with the status quo and simply responding to life. It’s about creating it.

Are you with me?

Creating the life you want is a proactive effort. It requires being intentional. It doesn’t happen on its own and it’s unlikely to happen until you start stepping out of your comfort zone.

Disturb the comfortable. Get intentional. Live life on purpose.

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