4 Steps to Know the Next Step

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Leaders often find themselves in places where they aren’t sure what do to do next. What is the next step that needs to be taken. Strong leaders will have a pull in a certain direction because they “feel” that is the right thing to do, but have little experience and information. I have found that process evolves around 4 steps…
1. Confusion- Not overwhelming emotionally, but nonetheless we find ourselves here often. Many times it’s because we haven’t invested the necessary time to be quiet, tune out the noise of other distractors, and give laser-like focus to the issue.  This takes TIME and a PLACE.
2.  Conversation- If we are willing to not settle with walking in our own wisdom, we will have many conversations with others who have more wisdom and/or experience.    Talking through the options with others and listening with humility is a tall order.  The truth is that the more desperate we are, the more humble we become.
3.  Conviction-  Is the issue VALUES related?   Search your convictions if it is.   Values and “Truth North” items should always be listened to closely.  If a decision doesn’t align with your values, you become duplicitous (divided).  Stay true to your convictions, or soon your leadership will only be about outcomes and money.   

4. Construction- This is when you stop waiting and start building! You construct the very vision in your heart.    You put each block in place, with wisdom, values and experience by your side to guide. You flow in the strength gained by overcoming past failures. Suddenly the vision becomes a reality in ways you never thought imaginable! It will be completed in a way you cannot take credit for! Can you think of another step you have had to take to discover the “next step?”

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