How to Launch Your Leadership Momentum

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I was reading a great article yesterday on entitled 7 Life-Changing Lessons You Can Learn From Mark Twain. All of the 7 points offered up practical wisdom that you and I can apply to our lives and businesses today… but… point 4 really jumped out. 
It said:  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

– Mark Twain

The writer of the post went on to say…Going after your dreams can feel like an overwhelming task, but that’s because you’re trying to visualize something in your head that cannot be visualized.
Mark Twain is right on in breaking things into small pieces. It works because you can hold an image in your head of what the end result looks like. Instead of thinking “I need to start an online business,” a better thought would be “I need to start a blog.”

Have you been there?

A desire to do something but overwhelmed by the size, scope or next steps to take?  It’s easy to come up with an idea. It’s much harder to figure out how to make that idea become a reality.
Most people let the enormity of it paralyze them into inaction, simply because they don’t know where to start. But as the Mark Twain said, “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Whatever it is… don’t let the size of it stop you. Divide it into bite sized chunks and just get started. You CAN do it… you just need to begin.

If want to run a mile but the mere thought of it scares you to death… break it down and think about running a block. You can run a block right? It’s only a few feet. Run that block and then… run one more. Eventually you’ll get to the mile and it won’t be nearly as overwhelming as you thought.

Same goes for business too.

Question: What about you? Is getting started tough for you? Do you have any tip or things you’ve learned to help you take the big thing and make it more manageable?

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